Raw Ajwain Flowers Honey

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Raw Ajwain (Bishop's Weed) Flowers Honey

"This Honey Collected From Ajwain Flowers Nectars"

Raw Ajwain Flowers Honey is a very unique product of Madhudhara Farm. This honey becomes very special in terms of Ayurveda as bees collect the honey from the flower nectars of Ajwain. Ajwain is an herb which has very strong aroma and so it is known as “Ugragandha” in Sanskrit.
Madhudhara Farm has its own beekeeping farms in Saurashtra region of Gujarat state to collect this honey. The crop season of Ajwain is between the months of November to February and so we place our bee colonies during the blossoming season of Ajwain and extract the honey during these months. This honey is dark in colour and has strong taste and fragrance. It is one of the rarest and one of the best honeys harvested in India.
Ajwain is in high demand because of the Ayurvedic Benefits it has. Ajwain is very beneficial for health. Ajwain is also known as the thousand utility leaves in Indian mythology.

Health Benefits:

·   It Cures sourthroat, Cold and Cough
·   Good for digestion and other Gastro intestinal problems
·   Helpful in Constipation problems
·   Useful for Diabetic patients
·   Very effective for weight loss
·   For Ear and Tooth Ache
·   Eases the Pain of Arthritis

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