Raw Jamun Flowers Honey

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Raw Jamun Flowers Honey

"This Honey Collected From Jamun Flowers Nectars"

Raw Jamun Flowers Honey is a rare product of brand Madhudhara. This honey has its unique health benefits. This honey is collected from Jamun flower nectars. Jamun is a sweet and sour fruit.
In the states Bihar and Maharashtra, Madhudhara Farm has apiary for beekeeping. In the months of summer, especially March and April, this honey is collected. This tasty honey of Madhudhara is Brown in colour. It is one of the tastiest and popular honeys of India.
There are infinite benefits of Jamun, some of them are: full of nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, potassium, glucose, minerals, antioxidants, magnesium, fructose, fibre, etc. So, Jamun is like a collective bunch of all these beneficiary nutrition. This honey collected from Jamun becomes precious as the benefits of both Jamun and honey are combined in this honey.
Jamun fruit is known for its usages in various age-old alternative healing systems of Ayurveda, Unani and other Chinese medicine, Jamun fruit has miraculous substances like jamboline and jambosine which slow down the release of sugar in the blood.

Health Benefits:

·     Benefits immensely in diabetes
·     It relieves tiredness
·     Improves digestion
·     Useful in menstrual disorders
·     Helpful in quick wound healing  
·     Aid in Asthma, lung disease and breathing difficulty curing  
·     Useful remedial in allergy and infections
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