Raw Shisham (Rosewood) Flowers Honey

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Raw Shisham(Rosewood) Flowers Honey

"This Honey Collected From Shisham(Rosewood) Flowers Nectars" 

Raw Shisham (Rosewood) Flowers Honey is an atypical offering of Madhudhara Farm. This wild honey is also immensely helpful for health and beauty. We collect this honey from the tree of Rosewood in the forest areas of Punjab state of India.
The blossoming of the Shisham tree happens in the summer, in the months of February and March. Our scientific beekeeping is done during the summer to collect this honey. This Raw Shisham flower honey is yellowish read and it’s tasteful.
The honey extracted from this tree is cold in nature and thus benefits in almost all the diseases and effects of hotness.
As the rosewood is sturdy and full of strength, the honey extracted from this rosewood tree gives strength to those who consume it.For nature, Rosewood is an important tree that decreases the feelings of frustration and anxiety and raises self-esteem, calms and gives confidence through its aroma released in the environment.

Health Benefits:

·    Strengthens the bones
·    Helps during Chemotherapy treatment of cancer
·    Helpful in Heart diseases
·    Cures ulcer and Obesity 
·    Increases the vision of eye 
·    Relieves Depression
·    Increase Metabolic functions
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